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Brother David's

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Our Story

Brother David’s is a non-profit social venture aiming  to protect the land and lives of legacy, regenerative organic cannabis farmers. 100% of Brother David’s proceeds are dedicated to supporting these small family farms, which are under threat from large, chemical and energy-intensive indoor operations.


All Brother David’s partner farms are Sun+Earth Certified. Sun+Earth ensures your cannabis is grown organically and regeneratively -- under the sun, in living soil, without harmful pesticides and herbicides.


Brother David’s continues to work toward ending prohibition of all plant medicines, so that we may have responsible access to these sacred allies that open our hearts and minds to each other and our miraculous living earth. 

Brother David’s Oregon is premium sungrown cannabis and hemp flower in standardized ratios of THC to CBD, carefully milled, sifted, and blended to maximize terpene and cannabinoid diversity. Available in three of the fullest-of full spectrum blends: 


Comfort Blend



Reflective Blend



Rise Up Blend


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