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Green Source Gardens

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Our Story

Green Source Gardens is an ambitious bio-remediation project in Wolf Creek, Oregon that has transformed an over-grazed, mined, and logged property into a thriving garden of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and cannabis.

Green Source doesn’t use any store-bought inputs for their garden fertility. All of their plants are grown with farm-made compost that comes from a diverse animal herd that includes goats, sheep, chickens, and a donkey. Green Source has an extensive breeding program that focuses on cultivating varieties of cannabis that are resistant to molds, mildews, and insect pressure while also being beautiful, potent, flavorful varietals. They only grow from seed, never from clones.

They have never, and will never, use any kind of pesticide or herbicide, instead relying on thriving biodiversity to balance insect life cycles and heavy mulching to suppress excess plant growth.

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