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Phoenix Rising Farm


Our Story

Phoenix Rising Farm is a small family farm located in the Little Applegate River valley in southern Oregon focused on growing a diverse selection of both food and medicine.

The mission of Phoenix Rising Farm is to provide consumers with the highest quality sun-grown cannabis, cultivated with love and intention in the native soil using regenerative agricultural practices, techniques that allow for the fullest expression of each boutique cultivar.  Phoenix Rising works in tune with the natural environment by implementing principles rooted in permaculture, hugelkulture, and living soil.

Phoenix Rising practices Korean Natural Farming (KNF), which is a system for creating plant nutrition from local and on-farm natural resources, eliminating the need to import even organic fertilizers. By building soil at its farm, Phoenix Rising increases the diversity of not only micro-life in the soil, but also macro-life of invertebrates, insects, birds, and others species.

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