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Small-scale craft cannabis farmers are facing an existential crisis and need YOUR support to weather the storm of unfair competition from corporate cannabis, regulatory and unfair tax structures by state governments, and the increasing threat of climate disasters.

When you buy Sun+Earth Certified products, you support local farmers and gift yourself the highest quality cannabis grown with care and intention.

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Sun+Earth craft cannabis farmers like myself are under extreme threat from energy-exhausti
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Why Choose Sun+Earth Certified?

it feels better to consume cannabis grown in ways that honor our place in the web of life.

Black Soil

Buy Sun+Earth Certified Cannabis, Support these Farms & Brands

Licensed Farms & Brands in California and Oregon who nurture each flower from seed to sale.

Organic Beetroots

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About Sun & Earth

Sun+Earth certifies cannabis that is grown under the sun, in the soil of Mother Earth, without chemicals by fairly-paid farmers.

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